With Christmas fast approaching, ’tis the season to eat delicious celebratory foods. From candy canes to pavlova to alcohol, you’re sure to indulge in more sugary foods and drinks than you usually do. Unfortunately, sugar-filled foods can cause great damage to our teeth.

Cavities, tooth decay and weakness are heavily influenced by the food we eat and how well we take care of our teeth. Caused by a build up of plaque and tartar, cavities pose a risk to both adults and children.

Preventative dental care is always preferred over restorative treatment. Here are some expert tips to avoiding cavities and dental fillings, while still enjoying all of your delicious Christmas food.

Enjoy in moderation

Avoiding sugar-filled foods altogether isn’t likely, especially around Christmas time. However, you can avoid many dental problems by eating sweets and desserts in moderation. That’s because tooth decay often occurs from a build up of sugar.

Try to limit the amount sugar that you feed into your or your children’s body. Although advent calendars may seem like they encourage children to eat more chocolate, they are actually a great way of encouraging the kids to eat sweets only in moderation. One chocolate a day shouldn’t cause too much harm if their teeth are thoroughly brushed and flossed twice daily.

Cook healthier recipes

If you’re in charge of cooking Christmas lunch or dinner for the family, consider breaking tradition for recipes that are more healthy for your teeth.

Switching some of your recipes to sugar-free alternatives allows you to eat as much as you want without damaging your teeth.

Don’t chew on hard sweets

When it comes to hard lollies and sweets, cavities aren’t the only things you need to worry about. You’d be surprised at how many emergency visits we get from people who chip their teeth after chewing into hard food. Be careful when eating candy canes and toffee this Christmas!

Regular dental check ups

Experts recommend that you have a dental check up and clean every six months to remove plaque build up and detect any tooth decay early. The recommended preventative care, together with a proper twice daily brushing routine, is important for keeping your teeth strong, healthy and clean. Not only are regular visits the key to a healthy smile, they also allow you to avoid more costly potential dental problems.

While this time of the year is busy for most people, it’s the perfect time for a visit to the dentist. Now’s the time to get a professional teeth clean to avoid further plaque build up that Christmas foods may cause. It’s also an ideal time to utilise your dental health insurance before it expires at the end of the year.

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