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Preventive Dentistry

Bendigo Smiles Dentist | Preventive Dentistry | Dentist Bendigo At Bendigo Smiles we believe that prevention is always better than cure; hence, we put a heavy emphasis on preventive aspects of dental care.

We provide top-notch preventative care services for families in Bendigo and surrounds.

Our preventative care includes an initial check up with x-rays, teeth cleaning and polishing, fissure sealant, and fluoride applications.

Develop good dental hygiene habits and exceptional oral health with our preventative care services.

Dental Check-ups

Our check-ups are extremely detailed and thorough. We spend time, using intra oral cameras, to show you the problem areas in your mouth, so you can better understand the extent of your dental issues.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays to help with our diagnosis; digital x-rays expose patients to far less radiation than conventional x-rays. We have large monitors on our chairs so you can view these x-rays as well.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Practicing good oral hygiene habits will prevent the development of dental problems. Your dentist at Bendigo Smiles will explain the best way of brushing and flossing your teeth. Oral hygiene instructions may also include the proper toothpaste or mouthwash to use as well as the diet recommended for your teeth and gum health.

Dental Cleaning

Pamper your teeth and gums with dental cleaning. Beyond just brushing and flossing your teeth at home, you also need professional dental cleaning performed by your dentist and dental hygienist. Dental cleaning is a more thorough technique of removing plaque from your teeth and gums using special tools. You will leave our office with an extremely clean and fresh mouth.

Fissure Sealants

One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay is application of fissure sealants. Sealants are a plastic coating applied on grooves of the chewing surfaces on your back teeth. Sealants prevent food debris, bacteria, and acid from entering the depressed layers of your back teeth.

Fluoride Applications

Topical fluoride treatment is another way to keep tooth decay at bay. The gel-based fluoride is placed in a disposable mouthguard and applied to teeth. The treatment is left on teeth for about two minutes. After the treatment, it is advised not to eat, drink, or rinse your mouth for 30 minutes to allow your teeth absorb the fluoride.

Prevention and Wellness at Bendigo Smiles

Pay attention to your oral health. In this way, you can avoid costly and extensive dental procedures as well as various oral health problems that are threat to your mind and body. Don’t forget to visit your dental care partners at Bendigo Smiles for routine check-ups and clean.

Your Bendigo Smiles dentists are your partners in health and wellness!

Call us on (03) 5441 6447 or book your appointment online today.

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