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Enjoy Added Peace of Mind with Our Dental Payment Plans in Bendigo

Bendigo Smiles can assist you and your family with our dental payment plans in Bendigo. We completely understand and acknowledge the often high price point associated with dentistry and because we believe all people deserve a high level of dental care, we provide affordable methods of payment to cater for all situations.

What Sets This Dentist in Bendigo Apart Regarding our Payment Plan

The dental health of our future generations is in our hands. It is essential that we maintain our children’s oral health from early on so that they are set up for success. We accept CDBS. If your child is eligible for CDBS the following treatment may be covered:

  • Comprehensive and thorough dental exams, regular check-ups and routine cleaning.
  • Fluoride treatments and fissure sealants.
  • Tooth fillings or extractions, X-rays as required, and root canal treatments.

We strive to create an atmosphere of calm in which all our patients, young and old, can feel more at ease. If you can help your children to develop healthy oral hygiene habits from a young age, you’ll be helping them out for the rest of their lives. We would very much like to be part of that lifelong journey.

Benefits of a Bendigo Dentist Bulk Bill

You can have access to a bulk bill with us if you are covered by child dental benefits scheme–just another reason why we should be the dentist of choice for you and your family.

  • If you have CBDS, you can use your Medicare benefits to subsidise full payment.
  • There is a $1,000 limit for two calendar years for those who have CBDS. If you do not exceed this, you will not have to pay any gap fees.
  • The government have implemented the offer of CDBS because it is so crucial for children to have access to the proper dental treatment early on in life.

About The Professionals at Bendigo Smiles

Dr Mithun Shetty and Dr Priya Naik are our Australian Dental Board-certified team leaders, with a wealth of experience between them. In addition, our five General Dentists are Dr Renuka, Dr Amith, Dr.Sashi, Dr.Andrew and Dr Patrick. Shruti and Emily are our two Oral Health Therapists. Each one of our qualified members of staff is committed to providing you with top-quality dental care, whether it’s your first time in the chair, or you’ve been making visits to dentists for decades. We love what we do and you will feel it when you come in.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment, please do feel free to get in touch with us.

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