• We're dedicated to our patients and to providing quality oral care

    Image of children brushing teeth. Bendigo Smiles - A Bendigo Dentist providing quality oral care in Central VIC.
  • Our service includes state of the art equipment used in a modern setting for your comfort

    Image of Dental Hygienist / Therapist flossing. Bendigo Smiles - A dental clinic with modern facilities & highly qualified Dental Surgeons.
  • Offering a wide range dental treatments for your convenience

    Image of lady biting into apple with strong teeth. Bendigo Smiles - a dental surgery which provides a wide range of dental treatments including dentures, crowns, implants, veneers & inlays.

Bendigo Smiles Dentist

“Every time you smile, you spread happiness; it becomes a gift to others”

Welcome to Bendigo Smiles Dental Care – a place where high quality dental care is delivered with a gentle and caring touch.

We understand that most people are anxious about visiting a dentist, so we make every effort to ensure that your experience at our practice is a pleasant one.

Our philosophy stands for delivering the very best in dentistry in a tender and caring manner. The comfort and well-being of our patients are the most important aspects of our treatment.

When you are at our clinics you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. All our dental surgeons and dental nurses are well trained and well qualified to take care of all your dental needs. The latest equipment and instruments add to our treasure of a caring and knowledgeable team. Including our cozy dental chairs, digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, ceiling mounted televisions, happy gas and a warm décor, no effort has been spared in making you feel confident and comfortable while in our care.

We also have a second practice called Eaglehawk Dental at 10 Parsonage Grove, Eaglehawk.

Come see us and feel the difference!

Testimonials & Quotes

  • A Beautiful Smile

    Here at Bendigo Smiles, we envision the health and wellbeing of your smile because we believe that there is nothing more beautiful. Bendigo Smiles
  • Dentists Who Listen

    Communication is of paramount importance to us - we are here to listen to your needs, answer all your questions and help you achieve your oral health goal. Bendigo Smiles Dentist
  • A Caring Dentist For Children

    A cozy décor, comfortable treatment chairs, ceiling mounted televisions, a very friendly, caring and dedicated clinical team – we leave no stone unturned to make your experience a pleasant one. Bendigo Smiles Dental Clinic